King of the Castle – December 2021

mourners gather in Joshuatown the prodigal man empties his pockets swimming in my own virility, I was too confused to laugh I needed someone’s permission red face, blue face, green face which face was I going to be today morning harbingers at Death’s last border greet me I wipe my teardrops off the tombstone thisContinue reading “King of the Castle – December 2021”

Hao – November 2021

I emerge bloodied but unbowed under the smoke rings of a genteel spirit a war veteran with one too many accidents in Saigon inviting his children to dine at the war table talking sweet sensabilities into their soft little ears these small upside warriors of freedom were his last memory of her along with aContinue reading “Hao – November 2021”

Forest Hill – November 2021

ever since my memory remembers I would visit him every second Tuesday now was more important than before he was not going to live much longer it was an hours drive from home at night, you could see the spirits forming in the trees his house smelled like a furnace mixed with air freshner acrossContinue reading “Forest Hill – November 2021”

Song of the Sea – November 2021

afraid to walk my own land I didn’t board the last train home instead I confined myself to the sea watching shipmates die we had to lift their heavy bodies overboard with only a small prayer to guide them in the abyss after 5 hours of sleep I was ready for my shift I tookContinue reading “Song of the Sea – November 2021”

Midnight in Texas – November 2021

the midnight brigade of the sweet and of the sour churchgoers and unionized protesters rope-skippers lay in between them on the leaf-covered grass, projecting their faith to passersby the faithful give me directions on how to think I chose to reject their temptations, reassuring myself I am a man of principle, of honor in realityContinue reading “Midnight in Texas – November 2021”

Bluebird – November 2021

I walk a lonely winters path the sound of distant cars approaching but never arriving I study the Watcher under a dying oak tree its bark dry like dust he was the last of his kind indulging in the golden age of retrospection he starts to speak to me I felt the grey-tinted window toContinue reading “Bluebird – November 2021”

Man on roof – November 2021

my bloodshot eyes wax and wane looking for the man in the vermillion suit driven by obsession, consumed with fear I can almost hear him laughing at me his affection for high buildings makes my stomach churn his crosshairs fixed on my body he likes to play obnoxious games with me shooting if I’m tooContinue reading “Man on roof – November 2021”