End of my Imagination – February 2022

Swimming against the current of the clouds
Into oblivion
The weight of a river upon my shoulders
A river of tears

Let it crush me until I crack
The devil collects little bugs to put into
The mossy ruins inside my head,
Bearing no ressemblance to this growing world

Send me into the stratosphere and watch me fall
One last peak before I perish
I’ve reached the end of my imagination
Many flags will die with me

The creatures of the street walk a thin red line
A fever of pain
Omniscient, withered stones
Dressed in all colors, except black

A nation built on makeup
Insight the only permanence
A toll booth everytime I go outside
Trading in my sanity tokens for a chocolate bar

The threshold for pain lowers
Thunder in a black forest
The equation of time
Burdening me with a honey-sickened soul

Bathing with coal ore
In the forgotten city of dreams
The knife’s cold edge
Directed by my mind’s lover

Heavy hopes come and go
As sure as winter
Dripping slowly into my veins,
The feelings of warped time and irregular joy

The reins of yesteryear
Are not bearing fruit
My head turning into a chicken farm
A blurred face in photographs

The winds instruct me with what to do next
Overpowered by nature’s strength
Soon I’ll become a part of it
A time-bomb has begun

Lake water surrounds this castle of fear
Looking up at the milky sky
Transports you from this prison
Into a sea of warmth

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