Bliss – April 2023

Numb to revelation As colour to the bone Three glazed layers between us I am a phantom parasite Nature’s second act Is to bury me at night Next to my clipped wings A funk too strong for my taste A single hound Peril, its only possession Chews into my dreams Pumping then parting The futureContinue reading “Bliss – April 2023”

Northern Eyes – March 2023

Northern eyes never meet Finest shape of woman The forest melts under my feet I cannot stop death Death is a dialogue A burnt moon and a spying angel Until ivy reaches my lips Don’t say my name Robins song A sound deep in the grave Rings through pyramids A pleasant sting Deaths banner standsContinue reading “Northern Eyes – March 2023”

Compass – January 2023

Pick a lock To the compass heart Scarlet clock bristles Knocking on the door: Today! Griddle Atlantic’s eyes By the grave’s command Will the sun question its might? Will it paint the sky with colour? Cavalry’s wardrobe Filled with slick and slacker A curse hidden between its fingers Silent like a seal that cannot begContinue reading “Compass – January 2023”

Purple Tar – January 2023

Tropical hunt In winter’s name Grass of the greener world A brag and a reason Dominion’s fury A long bouquet of shadows Doubts written by the wind Combs the sky with clean eyes Margin of emblems lost In a butterfly prison Blue like jazz Folding into hills Abducted by day Free to dream Guide toContinue reading “Purple Tar – January 2023”

Murmur – December 2022

Drifting like a bee Reeling like a fish Murmur of song Until I’m lost in field Powdered path Wrapped in snow and star Burns as bright as August There yields of old horizon My soul rests softly between stars Time stitched together by sunset Tune within me Unfinished creature Oars divide my soul Comb dividesContinue reading “Murmur – December 2022”

Candlelight – December 2022

Between bliss and me Grows a berry tree Under molten blue pyrites Indulge in law and sequence Paid respects to the Grand Old Party Each word swallowed up by the sky A new danger behind the door His furniture, an economy of pain Pulling down the slums with his hand Street and field Let themContinue reading “Candlelight – December 2022”

Soft Violet – November 2022

Submerged in soft violet A mirrored maze Tongue-tied souvenirs The inquisator’s soup of the day Elemental pain So infinite So impossible I can remember before and after From a sunset of molten pink A public and measured groove forms on my brain A lesson from the celestial clouds My last passage to youth A newContinue reading “Soft Violet – November 2022”

Paper Boat – September 2022

Paper boat crossing my canvassed mind Saddle filled of spice and poison Stranded in the seed of day Returns to the edge of warmth  Heartbeat of the lake Pumps the rhythm of good and bad Running after the crest of the sky I find myself lost  The eyes of death are watching me I canContinue reading “Paper Boat – September 2022”

Snake Eyes – August 2022

Nameless blue whipped across the jagged sky Beyond it, a vignette of scabs and scars scattered Across the red skin of the sun Under us, white silica salt peppered into the shoreline Take comfort in reading the words she never wrote Sounds of the bird song diner Shallow bark of the yellow void And September’sContinue reading “Snake Eyes – August 2022”