Australia’s Housing Market – May 2022

Australia’s housing market is about to burst. Inflation and inflation expectations are both going up and becoming slowly entrenched causing Australia’s central bank to worry about its effect on consumer prices and raising interest rates to try to tame it. Rate increases along with a high percentage of variable-rate mortgages are set to deflate houseContinue reading “Australia’s Housing Market – May 2022”

Italian Bonds Upcoming Crisis – May 2022

Italian bonds are headed towards trouble. A possible ending of bond-buying and higher interest rates by the European Central Bank has brought fresh light into Italy’s government debt. Low employment rate, stagnant productivity, lack of investment in education and technology, an extensive bureaucracy and a north-south divide have affected Italy’s ability to reform in pastContinue reading “Italian Bonds Upcoming Crisis – May 2022”

Russian Foreign Debt Default Possible by May 4 2022

Al-Jazeera says that Russia and Russian companies owe about $150bn in foreign-currency debt. According to Globe and Mail, Russia has until May fourth to fix its payment method on foreign bonds otherwise Moodys might consider it a default. Russian bonds are traded at a deep discount, some offering returns of over 100% in 18 months.Continue reading “Russian Foreign Debt Default Possible by May 4 2022”

Nutrien Analysis – March 2022

Nutrien (TSX:NTR, NYSE: NTR) is a publicly-listed potash, nitrogen and phosphate producer. With all three being above their ten-year average price, potash and nitrogen are set to gain further (phosphate may gain a little too but to a lesser extent). Belarus and Russia are the second and third, respectively, biggest producers of potash worldwide behindContinue reading “Nutrien Analysis – March 2022”

Will the Japanese Yen become a safe-haven asset again? – March 2022

The Japanese Yen was for some time considered a safe-haven currency kind of like the Swiss Franc. It has low interest rates, a strong net foreign asset position, liquid markets and is backed by a stable economy. The currency of the worlds third largest economy with more than 100 million people has not been doingContinue reading “Will the Japanese Yen become a safe-haven asset again? – March 2022”

Sea Limited Analysis – March 2022

Sea limited (NYSE:SE) is a publicly listed company  based in Singapore that operates in mainly in Southeast Asia. It is currently trading around $93, down from a peak of $372. Is it a buying opportunity? They have 3 running segments: gaming, e-commerce and fintech. Gaming is its powerhouse, the only segment generating a profit. CalledContinue reading “Sea Limited Analysis – March 2022”

Shopify Analysis – February 2022

Shopify (NYSE:SHOP, TSX:SHOP.TO), an e-commerce company slid 17% Wednesday as it reported quarterly and annual results and expected slower revenue growth in 2022. The stock is down over 50% from its peak in November 2021. Is it a buying opportunity? If you look at Shopify’s Net Income of last year, it looks pretty good. ButContinue reading “Shopify Analysis – February 2022”

Chipotle Mexican Grill Avocado Crisis – February 2022

A new report came out today that the U.S. government has suspended all imports of avocados from Mexico after a U.S. plant safety inspector received a threatening message. Apparently drug cartels have some interest in avocado growing and are taking advantage of avocado growers  I believe this could negatively affect the stock price of ChipotleContinue reading “Chipotle Mexican Grill Avocado Crisis – February 2022”

Thoughts on Quantitative Tightening – February 2022

Quantitative Easing (QE) is a bond-purchasing program where central banks buy government and corporate bonds as well as mortgage-backed securities. Central banks around the world have used QE during the pandemic to stimulate the economy and lower yields on long-term bonds. Printing money to buy these assets, inflation can occur not long after. But QEContinue reading “Thoughts on Quantitative Tightening – February 2022”

Bosnia on the Brink of War – February 2022

In the 1990s, there was a bloody conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in central-eastern Europe formally part of Yugoslavia, a communist state encompassing nearby countries. It was Europe’s bloodiest conflict since World War II. The conflict ended with a power-sharing agreement of semi-autonomous states and leadership spread between the three main ethnic groups :Continue reading “Bosnia on the Brink of War – February 2022”