Europe’s Upcoming Energy Affordability Crisis – September 2022

Electricity prices are set to soar in Europe over the upcoming months. It is expected to hit lower-income families hardest with utility bills going up steeply. Europe uses the merit order principle, a mechanism designed to determine the price of electricity. The price is linked with demand, starting with low cost power sources such asContinue reading “Europe’s Upcoming Energy Affordability Crisis – September 2022”

Paper Boat – September 2022

Paper boat crossing my canvassed mind Saddle filled of spice and poison Stranded in the seed of day Returns to the edge of warmth  Heartbeat of the lake Pumps the rhythm of good and bad Running after the crest of the sky I find myself lost  The eyes of death are watching me I canContinue reading “Paper Boat – September 2022”

Snake Eyes – August 2022

Nameless blue whipped across the jagged sky Beyond it, a vignette of scabs and scars scattered Across the red skin of the sun Under us, white silica salt peppered into the shoreline Take comfort in reading the words she never wrote Sounds of the bird song diner Shallow bark of the yellow void And September’sContinue reading “Snake Eyes – August 2022”

Specific and General Droughts Worldwide – August 2022

Droughts are the latest piece of news that will affect growth prospects and inflation. According a to Global Drought Observatory report, Europe is having its worst drought in 500 years. According to BBC: “Compared with the average of the previous five years, EU forecasts for harvest are down 16% for grain maize, 15% for soybeansContinue reading “Specific and General Droughts Worldwide – August 2022”

Spiritstone – July 2022

Heart of sand, Drinking in the heat of the Mohican sun, Disintegrates into foreign waters Someone cook this fog into a bad daydream A sudden dumbness that lasts a lifetime Fishing for the oddball and Harvesting the salt Waiting until the day Flowers outgrow the fear in my laughter Full bloom, full darkness No longerContinue reading “Spiritstone – July 2022”

Another Year Passes – June 2022

Tunnel of darkest essence A fugitive on a moonlit trail Contaminating the cradle in the sky I was once a star up there Confidence fading into someone else’s tears Whispers of a new-found decay Whirlwinds pulling me into every direction except up Leaderless bees rest in my honeycomb mind Gliding on life’s broken wing TooContinue reading “Another Year Passes – June 2022”

Australia’s Housing Market – May 2022

Australia’s housing market is about to burst. Inflation and inflation expectations are both going up and becoming slowly entrenched causing Australia’s central bank to worry about its effect on consumer prices and raising interest rates to try to tame it. Rate increases along with a high percentage of variable-rate mortgages are set to deflate houseContinue reading “Australia’s Housing Market – May 2022”

Italian Bonds Upcoming Crisis – May 2022

Italian bonds are headed towards trouble. A possible ending of bond-buying and higher interest rates by the European Central Bank has brought fresh light into Italy’s government debt. Low employment rate, stagnant productivity, lack of investment in education and technology, an extensive bureaucracy and a north-south divide have affected Italy’s ability to reform in pastContinue reading “Italian Bonds Upcoming Crisis – May 2022”

Hounds – May 2022

Redemption lies beneath the sunsetTied to a dog’s tailUnable to reachUnable to floatShoebox of tricksDraining the colour out of my eyes and faceShuffled cards under my thumbTable colder than a look in the mirrorOne small wishTo have hounds instead of numbersAnother opportunity to lose more than I’d bet Pills and inverse pillsA battle between emptyContinue reading “Hounds – May 2022”

Russian Foreign Debt Default Possible by May 4 2022

Al-Jazeera says that Russia and Russian companies owe about $150bn in foreign-currency debt. According to Globe and Mail, Russia has until May fourth to fix its payment method on foreign bonds otherwise Moodys might consider it a default. Russian bonds are traded at a deep discount, some offering returns of over 100% in 18 months.Continue reading “Russian Foreign Debt Default Possible by May 4 2022”