Chipotle Mexican Grill Avocado Crisis – February 2022

A new report came out today that the U.S. government has suspended all imports of avocados from Mexico after a U.S. plant safety inspector received a threatening message. Apparently drug cartels have some interest in avocado growing and are taking advantage of avocado growers  I believe this could negatively affect the stock price of ChipotleContinue reading “Chipotle Mexican Grill Avocado Crisis – February 2022”

Thoughts on Quantitative Tightening – February 2022

Quantitative Easing (QE) is a bond-purchasing program where central banks buy government and corporate bonds as well as mortgage-backed securities. Central banks around the world have used QE during the pandemic to stimulate the economy and lower yields on long-term bonds. Printing money to buy these assets, inflation can occur not long after. But QEContinue reading “Thoughts on Quantitative Tightening – February 2022”

Bosnia on the Brink of War – February 2022

In the 1990s, there was a bloody conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in central-eastern Europe formally part of Yugoslavia, a communist state encompassing nearby countries. It was Europe‚Äôs bloodiest conflict since World War II. The conflict ended with a power-sharing agreement of semi-autonomous states and leadership spread between the three main ethnic groups :Continue reading “Bosnia on the Brink of War – February 2022”

End of my Imagination – February 2022

Swimming against the current of the clouds Into oblivion The weight of a river upon my shoulders A river of tears Let it crush me until I crack The devil collects little bugs to put into The mossy ruins inside my head, Bearing no ressemblance to this growing world Send me into the stratosphere andContinue reading “End of my Imagination – February 2022”

Desert Fossil – January 2022

God plays pretend Waiting for my final days The Devil sits by, idle, Watching trains go by Nestle in the strangest corners of my brain My eyes lit up like lightbulbs Cars move around me, They know my strength Cigar fumes contour my body, Warming my heart I am a stolen masterpiece, With no valueContinue reading “Desert Fossil – January 2022”

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Analysis – January 2022

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (Symbol: 0388.HK) is a publicly listed stockmarket and derivatives clearing house operator. In the past 6 months, the Chinese government have made clarifications related to overseas stock listings and mainland derivatives trading. It said Hong Kong would not be subject to new data security rules for companies with moreContinue reading “Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Analysis – January 2022”

Melco Resorts Analysis – January 2022

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited (Symbol:MLCO) is a casino operator with a large majority of their revenue coming from Macau, a special administrative region in China. News from last week coming out of the Macau government clarified news around their gaming license (which is due to expire June 2022), though much remains unclear. According toContinue reading “Melco Resorts Analysis – January 2022”

Agnico Eagle Mines Analysis – January 2022

Agnico Eagle Mines (TSX:AEM, NYSE:AEM) is a senior gold miner with a market cap of $15.85b CAD. They announced a merger of equals with Kirkland Lake Gold (TSX:KL, NYSE:KL) in September 2021. In November, both companies shareholders approved the merger and are awaiting to be granted the final order by the Ontario Superior Court ofContinue reading “Agnico Eagle Mines Analysis – January 2022”

Valley of the Deer – January 2022

I lie, spirit dissolved, in a narrow and forensic tomb love lost from a book Lord, take me before I die a second time a railway of steel lines my body with starlight and firewater a paper pulp highway in my veins a slow, racing pulse the fisherman’s hook plucks my heart overflowing with 38,000Continue reading “Valley of the Deer – January 2022”

The Thrill is Gone – December 2021

last colours of December marked our descent into darkness cured from the cold, seeing beyond the immediate realm “the thrill is gone” venting through his cracked up mind he told me these words interspersed with forbidden knowledge “unify the devil! and solve the puzzle within my tears” an old leather smile gripped his face eyesContinue reading “The Thrill is Gone – December 2021”