Midnight in Texas – November 2021

the midnight brigade of the sweet and of the sour churchgoers and unionized protesters rope-skippers lay in between them on the leaf-covered grass, projecting their faith to passersby the faithful give me directions on how to think I chose to reject their temptations, reassuring myself I am a man of principle, of honor in realityContinue reading “Midnight in Texas – November 2021”

Bluebird – November 2021

I walk a lonely winters path the sound of distant cars approaching but never arriving I study the Watcher under a dying oak tree its bark dry like dust he was the last of his kind indulging in the golden age of retrospection he starts to speak to me I felt the grey-tinted window toContinue reading “Bluebird – November 2021”

Man on roof – November 2021

my bloodshot eyes wax and wane looking for the man in the vermillion suit driven by obsession, consumed with fear I can almost hear him laughing at me his affection for high buildings makes my stomach churn his crosshairs fixed on my body he likes to play obnoxious games with me shooting if I’m tooContinue reading “Man on roof – November 2021”

Shadow in the Dark – November 2021

my heart pumps up and down like a piston delivering hot blood, thick like cooking cream, to the perimeter of my body I feel the cold wind of his breath on my face unable to flinch unable to castigate the imposing man smiles as if trying to inspire fear in my mind he wants meContinue reading “Shadow in the Dark – November 2021”

God’s heavy hand – November 2021

I’m losing myself more and more everyday to the river of dreams inside my head I don’t want to wake up I don’t want to be this person anymore even a simple opinion is hard to form in my head all I see is confusion interrupted only by flashing images of death and destitution deathContinue reading “God’s heavy hand – November 2021”

Is net-zero achievable by 2050? – November 2021

COP26, the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference, is now underway. Its goal is to lower carbon emissions enough to limit temperature increases to less than 2 degrees celsius compared to pre-industrial levels and ideally to no more than 1.5 degrees. The pre-industrial era refers to the 1880-1900 period. Although contested by some, it is generallyContinue reading “Is net-zero achievable by 2050? – November 2021”

Is Poland Going To Leave the EU? – October 2021

This article is related to the potential devaluation of the Polish złoty due to Polish government leaving the EU or squashing central bank independence.  On October 7, 2021, Poland’s Constitutional Court ruled that key articles of the European Union were incompatible with Polish law. Now the European Union is threatening to withhold Covid relief moneyContinue reading “Is Poland Going To Leave the EU? – October 2021”

Thoughts on Inflation – October 2021

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the Consumer Price Index (CPI) monthly and is probably the most widely used gauge of inflation. It takes surveys from people in urban areas and compiles them into a report. But there are different measures for inflation, one that might be more accurate than the CPI isContinue reading “Thoughts on Inflation – October 2021”