Desert Fossil – January 2022

God plays pretend
Waiting for my final days
The Devil sits by, idle,
Watching trains go by

Nestle in the strangest corners of my brain
My eyes lit up like lightbulbs
Cars move around me,
They know my strength

Cigar fumes contour my body,
Warming my heart
I am a stolen masterpiece,
With no value until returned to my original owner

The ritual of saying goodbye to anything good
And petting the two-headed dog
God, deny me my only certainty,
That I will die from unluckiness

And stop me from wasting your time,
More precious than water in the desert
My skin burns brown like the sun above
My mind no longer worthy of fresh air and cold milk

My bones are cold
And tell me secrets
Craftsmen string together my thoughts into a pretty sound
Only pretty in a dream where you don’t believe it

So much tension I’d rather die,
In your arms or in mine
Help me define the myth in the mirror
With lost words and broken english

My home is tailing downwards into a black closet of doom
The streets are safer than this nightmare come true
Breaking the doors to this book that never ends,
Im trapped like a fossil in this beautiful thing called Freedom

Drifiting like a paper in the wind,
All the way back to you

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