Majordomo – February 2022

I’ve become a preconfigured dream
Sitting rent-free
Waiting for a good day
Instead I am suspended in a cloud of memories
Slowly folding like fleece
The fog is coming
Copper-bottomed flowers suffocate
In the heat of an endless summer
Steadily churning into
The all-knowing peppermint peel of my spirit
This face doesn’t belong to me
Afflicted by the fog
My thoughts have aged like milk
A buoyant smile that never sinks
Condemning me to the Sea
Where I won’t be seen
Dark silky spires sagging into my suburban home
Bolted into this gratuitous existence
Married to a pure sickness
Spies, robbers, murderers
All quick on my trail

Restricted to the narrow shafts of my mind
I am a dormant melody remembered by many
Never to be heard again in our lifetime
Unsatiable hunger for a safer philosophy
I’ve drunk my body in today
And found no comfort in my grave
To look into her tender eyes once more
Will make my heart beat again

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