Autumn-burnt eyes – March 2022

Fire of fruit
From the local pharmacy
Lid tight like a bow
I am ready

Blue-blooded nights meet
Sun-kissed lips
A masterful dive into the world below
One last memory for the ignorant side of me

Current stream digs too deep
Into the crease of my mind
With hills parched like sun-dried salmon
Please stop travelling to reality

Who am I but a dream?
Holding onto the heights of sleep
Outgrow the stiff clothing
And wake in a pool of adult blood

Youth’s dream-like vehemence
Laboured in pain
Fades from final prayer
Until all youth is gone

A drunken wager I can’t wake up from
But when I think of her
A grin comes in like an early tide
One more sluggish pulse

Autumn-burnt eyes
Twisting and turning in her widened gaze
A gaze fastened in holy fire
I will fly the winged horse once again

Box of thoughts
Scarce and forgotten
Like a scratch on the eye
Can hopefully be found again

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