Last embers – March 2022

Heart diving into heavy clay
Forever bound and lost in this kettle of earth
Poison, sweet as apple pie, spreading through my head
Like wildflowers in a field

Reach into my mind like a jar of candy
And bleach it clean
Eyes drifting into a new place
An unwinding dream

Filming stars in my defeated sleep
Spears on my throat
Cheeks red like a horseman
Thoughts drowning in the burrows of the night

Serene woods cover my lonely mind
Waiting for animals to start crossing again
My guts twisted like a rose
Undefiled pain marked in marble

Fine things compounded into a dreamy little stone
Too hot to touch
Only good enough to look at and long for
Selling myself alongside the everyday discount

Thoughts locked in a box
With a sweet and sour pattern
A fight between the best of colours
There’s no hill more harsh than a memory

Life on its last embers
Burning more clearly than ever
Wrapped like a shell inside my head
One more push and I will be hollow

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