Shadow in the Dark – November 2021

my heart pumps up and down like a piston
delivering hot blood, thick like cooking cream,
to the perimeter of my body

I feel the cold wind of his breath on my face
unable to flinch
unable to castigate

the imposing man smiles
as if trying to inspire fear in my mind
he wants me to view him as the original lunatic
like in childrens films

but I’m not falling for it, he is more sophisticated
he had propelled me into a difficult trance
made me stuck with my own aspirations
I despised the way I expressed myself that evening

I was slipping into his world
a world of sham and vice
I could see myself living there

I then realized I was no different from him
glorifying myself, vilifying myself
neither money nor fame will save us from demise

I wish I was the shadow beside me
always there for the juicy parts of life
immune from the pain

the man in front of me chose his destiny
and is sticking to it
who am I to judge him?

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