God’s heavy hand – November 2021

I’m losing myself
more and more everyday
to the river of dreams
inside my head
I don’t want to wake up
I don’t want to be this person anymore

even a simple opinion is hard to form in my head
all I see is confusion
interrupted only by flashing images
of death and destitution

death is the only constant in life
even taxes can be avoided
why does He feel the need to add more people
into this world of suffering?
is it a sick joke among the angels?

the secret of earthly happiness is written
in the back of the mind
accessible to those who never grow up
but continue to age

the drugman robs people of this ability
it’s odd how people pay him more respect
than to members of their own family

I must fulfill God’s vision of a perfect world
if only for a few minutes
just long enough to remember what it’s like to feel untroubled

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