Northern Eyes – March 2023

Northern eyes never meet Finest shape of woman The forest melts under my feet I cannot stop death Death is a dialogue A burnt moon and a spying angel Until ivy reaches my lips Don’t say my name Robins song A sound deep in the grave Rings through pyramids A pleasant sting Deaths banner standsContinue reading “Northern Eyes – March 2023”

Compass – January 2023

Pick a lock To the compass heart Scarlet clock bristles Knocking on the door: Today! Griddle Atlantic’s eyes By the grave’s command Will the sun question its might? Will it paint the sky with colour? Cavalry’s wardrobe Filled with slick and slacker A curse hidden between its fingers Silent like a seal that cannot begContinue reading “Compass – January 2023”

Soft Violet – November 2022

Submerged in soft violet A mirrored maze Tongue-tied souvenirs The inquisator’s soup of the day Elemental pain So infinite So impossible I can remember before and after From a sunset of molten pink A public and measured groove forms on my brain A lesson from the celestial clouds My last passage to youth A newContinue reading “Soft Violet – November 2022”