Spiritstone – July 2022

Heart of sand, Drinking in the heat of the Mohican sun, Disintegrates into foreign waters Someone cook this fog into a bad daydream A sudden dumbness that lasts a lifetime Fishing for the oddball and Harvesting the salt Waiting until the day Flowers outgrow the fear in my laughter Full bloom, full darkness No longerContinue reading “Spiritstone – July 2022”

Another Year Passes – June 2022

Tunnel of darkest essence A fugitive on a moonlit trail Contaminating the cradle in the sky I was once a star up there Confidence fading into someone else’s tears Whispers of a new-found decay Whirlwinds pulling me into every direction except up Leaderless bees rest in my honeycomb mind Gliding on life’s broken wing TooContinue reading “Another Year Passes – June 2022”

Hounds – May 2022

Redemption lies beneath the sunsetTied to a dog’s tailUnable to reachUnable to floatShoebox of tricksDraining the colour out of my eyes and faceShuffled cards under my thumbTable colder than a look in the mirrorOne small wishTo have hounds instead of numbersAnother opportunity to lose more than I’d bet Pills and inverse pillsA battle between emptyContinue reading “Hounds – May 2022”

Autumn-burnt eyes – March 2022

Fire of fruit From the local pharmacy Lid tight like a bow I am ready Blue-blooded nights meet Sun-kissed lips A masterful dive into the world below One last memory for the ignorant side of me Current stream digs too deep Into the crease of my mind With hills parched like sun-dried salmon Please stopContinue reading “Autumn-burnt eyes – March 2022”

Last embers – March 2022

Heart diving into heavy clay Forever bound and lost in this kettle of earth Poison, sweet as apple pie, spreading through my head Like wildflowers in a field Reach into my mind like a jar of candy And bleach it clean Eyes drifting into a new place An unwinding dream Filming stars in my defeatedContinue reading “Last embers – March 2022”

Majordomo – February 2022

I’ve become a preconfigured dream Sitting rent-free Waiting for a good day Instead I am suspended in a cloud of memories Slowly folding like fleece The fog is coming Copper-bottomed flowers suffocate In the heat of an endless summer Steadily churning into The all-knowing peppermint peel of my spirit This face doesn’t belong to meContinue reading “Majordomo – February 2022”

End of my Imagination – February 2022

Swimming against the current of the clouds Into oblivion The weight of a river upon my shoulders A river of tears Let it crush me until I crack The devil collects little bugs to put into The mossy ruins inside my head, Bearing no ressemblance to this growing world Send me into the stratosphere andContinue reading “End of my Imagination – February 2022”

Desert Fossil – January 2022

God plays pretend Waiting for my final days The Devil sits by, idle, Watching trains go by Nestle in the strangest corners of my brain My eyes lit up like lightbulbs Cars move around me, They know my strength Cigar fumes contour my body, Warming my heart I am a stolen masterpiece, With no valueContinue reading “Desert Fossil – January 2022”

Valley of the Deer – January 2022

I lie, spirit dissolved, in a narrow and forensic tomb love lost from a book Lord, take me before I die a second time a railway of steel lines my body with starlight and firewater a paper pulp highway in my veins a slow, racing pulse the fisherman’s hook plucks my heart overflowing with 38,000Continue reading “Valley of the Deer – January 2022”

The Thrill is Gone – December 2021

last colours of December marked our descent into darkness cured from the cold, seeing beyond the immediate realm “the thrill is gone” venting through his cracked up mind he told me these words interspersed with forbidden knowledge “unify the devil! and solve the puzzle within my tears” an old leather smile gripped his face eyesContinue reading “The Thrill is Gone – December 2021”