The Thrill is Gone – December 2021

last colours of December
marked our descent into darkness
cured from the cold,
seeing beyond the immediate realm

“the thrill is gone”
venting through his cracked up mind
he told me these words
interspersed with forbidden knowledge

“unify the devil!
and solve the puzzle within my tears”
an old leather smile gripped his face
eyes popping out of their sockets

“Irishman, forget the past
you’re the only one living back there
this world is a playground for our imagination
a slice of love for fair-minded men”

“the past is the peddle that moves this world forward
a line that walks both ways”
his final power, an ability to pierce a conscience
with a single and palatial stare

a black stain on my heart
home to the mother of a thousand rules
chained up with little nails
holding up the formless corners of Heaven

cudgels into the tipsy dragon’s nest
blinded by moonshine
all pleasures stop here
the world ready for a new beast

with a proud tongue that boils the blood
simple answers, stupid answers
simplicity defining this generation
not ready for obstacles

when facing difficulty
we can hide behind this wall or this man
and immerse ourselves in earthly ignorance
alas, the thrill is gone

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