Bluebird – November 2021

I walk a lonely winters path
the sound of distant cars approaching
but never arriving
I study the Watcher under a dying oak tree
its bark dry like dust
he was the last of his kind
indulging in the golden age of retrospection
he starts to speak to me
I felt the grey-tinted window to my soul slowly cracking open
I felt so strange
almost like I was levitating
the pain in my feet being the only thing grounding me
his insights were cool and collected, like him
his comments were gloomy and unpredictable, like my future
he says to me:
“as the blaze of glory fades,
you’ll see yourself in a different light.
you’ll behave differently,
have more respect for ideas, institutions and people.
ultimately, you’ll find worth in yourself
like seeing the bluebird of happiness,
whose elegance triggers something in your head.
a feeling of an early childhood memory,
when you didn’t have a care in the world
except of course having fun with your friends
and drinking sugary soda.
as you grow old,
you’ll feel as if you shot that little child
and felt forced to carry him around your neck,
reminding you of the torment of a little lighthearted happiness.
exceptional people don’t dwell on past events.
I am not one of them.
maybe you’ll turn out better.”

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